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Birmingham Alabama esports teams

According to recent data on esports, a total of $7 million has gone into sponsorship of the games for players in university. These digital scholars belong in generation Z and have taken online gaming to a new and ridiculous level. Unlike the previous gaming era, this generation monetizes gaming and makes a living out of sporting on the web.

Gaming seems to be a more natural ability to this generation than others, with displays of proper coordination. The games offer more than just entertainment. Here is what you will get from regular engagement with an esports team:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Increased confidence
  • Better management of time
  • Cohesive teamwork
  • Independent decision-making

The negative attitude surrounding online gaming is beginning to wear off. A prospective professional or a parent of a gaming fanatic should understand the background of esports. You should also know about the strategies of joining esports teams to make the best of these promising opportunities.

Definition of esports

These are games with multiple players who compete for a position and award, similar to the real world. Other gamers play for the thrill, especially when they are young and do not have time to be a full-time esports player.

Esports are familiar and currently include large-scale tournaments that trigger attention from around the world. Some participate from the comfort of their home, while others join gaming platforms like ePLEX. The following are the most common gaming setups of esports:

  • Varsity level games that include other tertiary level institutions
  • Live and professional plays with hundreds or thousands of viewers – popular games will have an advertisement on YouTube Gaming, DisneyXD, ESPN and Twitch.

How can you join esports teams?

If you plan to begin an online gaming profession, it is essential to start with a professional team that will complement your skills. Eplex will have an office at Crestwood Festival Centre at Boulevard, Birmingham. Our space will foster strong cohesiveness in the group, due to the game-optimized space and online platform.

You can bring your friends for a tournament or collaborate with other players online for a local competition. The high tech virtual reality livens up the Vive games. Our stations are the only ones with updated virtual reality rooms and tricks, in all of Alabama. Four players can enjoy the maxed out roaming experience of the studio.

How to compliment your team’s efforts

Study the tactics and tricks

A seasonal online gamer will have a decent knowledge of the key combinations and coordination skills that improve the game. You can enhance the abilities by watching expert players and learning from revered and influential critics.


Communicate with your team players to gain further understanding of how you can improve teamwork. The network of friendship will help you learn the subtle ways that each player moves. Take place in specialized forums, gaming chats, and social networks to have a sophisticated understanding of the game’s nature.


You will need more intensive training and practice with platforms such as ePLEX, to make your skills more desirable. Check into our facility at any time for a state of the art experience that will graduate you from being an amateur player to a professional international expert.



Birmingham Alabama esports teams
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