Create Your Own Flash Drive You can design your own USB flash drive at AdArt Imports and save significantly on manufacturing and shipping costs. We can take your concept to completion when you trust us with your design- just let one of our product specialists know what you have in mind and we’ll help you get started on the road to success. Create Your Own Flash Drive

Small Business Cloud Solutions And Backup

Our team at Grip I.T. offers small business cloud solutions and backup.  From NOC and IAAS to managed data storage, network security, and IT services, we’re able to get you up to speed and help you stay on top of your information technology issues. 24/7 support is always just a phone call away.

Iphone 6s Plus Screen Replacement
Your iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement is an in-and-out experience when you call uBreakiFix. Our repair and service technicians have a broad range of knowledge and experience working with all models of iPhones, including 2g models. We specialize in 6s Plus repairs, screen replacements and battery replacements.