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There are times when you might be tempted to hire an international manufacturer on your own. However, this process is at times complex and very long. Seeking the services of a global trade manager will help you overcome some of the complicated import issues together with communication barriers.


Any importer will hire personnel that will be responsible for overseeing products supply from the international supplier although this step is never a viable option. It is still vital to have someone act on your behalf since not all the manufacturers found overseas are what they claim to be.

After securing your source with nothing other than information collected from a website, you will have set yourself up for any possibility that the person you are referring to as a supplier is, in fact, a scammer. When you enlist the support of any international trade manager, it will ensure that you are not sending any money to a firm that lacks a legitimate factory.


The process of negotiating with any international seller entails more than just exchanging emails and making phone calls. Language barriers and cultural differences are capable of making some of the easy tasks such as price negotiation, customer representative, and communication using design elements more difficult.

Quality Control

Since you won’t be around to monitor the production of your items, it is possible that you might find the quality is not similar to the specs you had requested. Seeking the services of an international trade manager will help in managing pre-production process, prototype evaluations, and factory inspection ensuring that the product you ordered meets your expectations.


Importing products from a foreign country is a very complex and lengthy process and not as simple as most people think it’s like carrying your documents in your creative USB. The international trade manager has the right resources to help you. Instead of spending more on hiring third-party shipping, a global trade manager will help manage freight forwarding for you. You will be sure of receiving your consignment promptly.


For instance, let’s say you have budgeted for transport and manufacturing costs of all your imports. You need to ask yourself if you have made estimations of the extra fees which one incurs during international shipments. There is a possibility of the tax, customers and duties fees to double the cost of your product. When you work with global trade management, you will always be prepared for these costs way before they come. International trade manager is still involved in exporting and importing of goods on a frequent basis hence, are capable of getting lower rates which they will gladly pass to you. We make it possible for you to overcome all these obstacles.

Some delays happen at the customs such as customs exams which can be frustrating, costly and time-consuming. One has the capability of keeping their imports moving smoothly through the customs portal. Providing customs with a well defined and clear description will help you avoid hold up at the border.

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