Designer Power Bank

A power bank just like a battery charger is a device that is used to put energy into a rechargeable cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it. However, unlike the normal battery charger, the power bank is mobile and does not require electricity to charge one’s mobile phone. Once fully charged, it can charge and recharge a mobile phone over again depending on its capacity. Power banks are thus necessary and are very important for people who are always on the move and are not able to plug their chargers into a stationary socket.

With a power bank, you are assured of having your phone at optimal capacity daily. The power bank has thus become an essential part of our lives, and the majority of smartphone users own one. Their importance should not mean that they should be bland, boring, and shaped like a square or rectangular. You can have yourself a designer power bank that is shaped in any form you want, which still performs its function optimally. Why not get yourself designer power banks that are very trendy and cool. Still wondering how? Read on.

Power Union USB is a subsidiary of Adart Imports. Power Union USB engages in the production of unique and custom made USB, USB cables and Power Banks. We are capable of creating designer power banks just for you, and according to your specifications. Our parent company Adart Imports deals with the importation and sourcing of products of any kind, size, or style. 

Power union power banks have a capacity of 2200 mAh-6000mAh and have an MOQ of 100 pcs for all models. We can create designer power banks with figures, company logos, automobiles, airplanes or any design of your request. With power union USB designer power banks, you can possess a trendy power bank and stay online. 

Our designer power banks come with a clean and easy design. We also help you to engrave your power banks to your likeness. Our creative designer power bank designs include the following:

• Basic Creative Power Bank: this design comes in basic shapes. You get to choose your Pantone color and then have your logo imprinted on the power bank.

• Rectangle Power Bank: turn away from the random and boring power banks and have a trendy rectangular shaped designer power bank in any color of your choice and with your logo on it.

• Round Creative Power Bank: create your own custom mold power banks with Pantone colors.

• Vehicular shaped power banks

• Creative power banks of all shapes: any shape you wish your power banks to be in can become a reality with our shape designs just for you.

• Power banks in wooden design, in all shapes and forms.

• Kitty shaped power banks, one which the ladies would love.

You can get these designer power banks and much more with Power Union USB. 

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