Find A Manufacturer For Your Invention

So, you have come up with an excellent idea for a brand new thing, but you don't know where to have it fabricated. Don't worry. AdArt Imports can help you find a manufacturer for your invention.

The number of items for which we obtained manufacturers is quite extensive. AdArt Imports helped individuals and companies find makers for everything from barware and bobbleheads to mugs, medals, and custom printed stationery products. Whatever it is that you want to have made, we can find a manufacturer for your invention.

How to get a patent

Before you move your new product into the manufacturing phase, be sure to get a patent. Without one, your product is vulnerable. Not sure how to make it happen? Here is the five-step process for obtaining a patent as outlined by Legal Zoom:

1. Know your invention inside and out. This is the number one step toward obtaining a patent for your new idea. Thoroughly identify the aspects that make your invention different from anything else like it. Does your invention have a dual purpose? Are there several applications for which it might serve to be useful? Understanding all these things will come in handy as you move through the patent application process.

2. Do your research. To qualify for a US patent, an item must be 100% unique. To ensure the “absolute novelty” required by the Patent Office, search publications and prior patents to find any evidence of a thing like the one you believe you have devised.

3. File for a provisional patent. Doing so will give you one year to perfect your prototype before filing for a permanent patent. The provisional patent may serve to prove that you are the inventor. The provisional patent does not allow you to add anything new to your device, however. If you make significant changes to your invention, you may be required to file a whole new patent application.

4. Draft and file your formal patent application. This part of the patent process can be tricky stuff, and you may wish to consult with a legal adviser before submitting your application for a US patent. At this point in the process, a simple mistake can cause the USPTO to send you and your new invention back to square one.

5. Wait for the wheels of government to grind. It can take a while for the patent examiner to get back to you with a formal decision from the USPTO. In the meanwhile, talk to us about how to find a manufacturer for your product.

AdArt Imports is ready to help you get your invention made. So far, we've helped all kinds of inventors find manufacturers for products made of metal, plastic, glass, leather and a host of other materials. We've discovered makers for imprinted pens and pencils, neon and LED signage and USB products, too. What do you want to make? Call us today, and we will help you find a manufacturer for your invention.

Find A Manufacturer For Your Invention
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