Manufacturing Offshore

What sort of product do you wish to make? A large number of labor-intensive products can be made in other countries, including apparel, electrical components, leather goods, plastic-injected parts, kids toys and consumer electronics. Medical supplies and certain pharmaceuticals may also be very well made overseas. Manufacturing offshore might be the right direction for your business to take.

AdArt Imports has been helping companies make and import their wares since 1975. Since that time, we've learned a lot about the little ins and outs of manufacturing offshore. If you are a supplier, distributor or importer, please talk to us about how our services can save you money while contributing to the global economy. We are delighted to work with companies of any size.

Advantages to manufacturing offshore:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Abbreviated manufacture to market time
  • Access to a bigger pool of skilled workers
  • Reduced real estate costs
  • Fewer rules and regulations regarding manufacture
  • Increased operating capital
  • Boosted cash flow

Potential disadvantages of offshore manufacturing:

  • Larger per-order quantities may be required
  • Upfront deposit of as much as 30% may be required
  • In most cases, you'll have to pay in full before your shipment leaves port
  • Longer travel distance means greater risk for breakage
  • Possible language barriers
  • Cannot use “Made in USA” label

When your company works with AdArt Imports, those potential worries are eliminated. We've been in the importation business for more than four decades, and we really do understand how to best communicate with offshore manufacturers. We already have excellent overseas contacts in place, too.

Manufacturing offshore can potentially save your company up to 80 percent on labor costs over manufacturing your products in the USA. Due to this decrease in operating capital, you can channel a more significant chunk of your funds towards things like research and development, marketing and other business facets that can boost your bottom line. Opt for offshore manufacturing, and you can get your products made quickly. Many overseas manufacturers are already set up for large-scale production.

Timeline for the importation of offshore manufactured products

If you've never availed yourself of manufacturing offshore, you are probably wondering how long it takes for offshore-made goods to be imported. Following you will find a general rule of thumb about importation times:

1-3 business days to source the correct product or products
7-14 days after deposit to receive a pre-production sample
15-45 days for offshore mass production after the sample is approved
12-15 days for oversea transit to the US West Coast
30-35 days via ocean transit to the US East Coast
3-7 days to clear US Customs
Plus standard ground transit time to final product destination

When you are ready to know more about what manufacturing offshore can do for your business, give us a call at (805)901-8130. We are AdArt Imports, and we can provide your company with the help it needs to build your brand and reputation.

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