Polar Fleece Blankets

The polar fleece blankets are always chosen to be placed everywhere. In the beds, in the armchair, on the sofa, in the chairs in the living room, at the foot of the bed, in that pouf you have in the room. The main characteristics are that they are warm, soft, and decorative. These blankets are an ideal gift.

The English term “polar” refers to a kind of velvet cloth. The material for the polar blanket, the polar sweaters, and the polar sheets are made of polyester. Small hair loops are formed that connect to each other, giving rise to a material that provides heat.

Not only are they versatile to give heat indoors and outdoors, but for consumers, it is a product of great strength. When a polar blanket is given, emotions are given away. And this type of fabric transmits those feelings of affection, which make this product a very powerful marketing tool (or selling item).

That makes it a winning product when creating promotional material, or customized for a company that wants to increase the mind awareness. Also, this type of blankets is a very competitive product, since they have an excellent price/value ratio. It is essential to know what are the main characteristics of this type of product, which make it so special:

  1. They Do Not Fray

Unlike other fabrics, the polar does not fray a bit. Besides not fraying, it has an extremely clean cut. It will not roll up or fall apart.

  1. They Are Very Soft

Not only babies should take advantage of this characteristic of polar fleece blankets. It is an excellent material to provide any users with a pleasant and relaxing moment wherever they are.

  1. Do Not Iron

This is a star feature. Few users like to iron. They do it because they have to do it; if they are provided with a product that, besides being pleasant, avoids that bad time, it is simply a winner. This type of feature in textile SKU's significantly increases consumer preference, as it is a product easy to maintain.

  1. They Dry Very Fast

Another great aspect to keep in mind, especially in winter, when it seems that wet clothes multiply and do not ever dry (at least here in the north). It is not that it dries faster than the sweatshirt or the wool, for example. Is that if the user has a high-revolution washing machine, the blanket comes out practically dry.

  1. Comfort

This fabric is elastic in one of its two senses and not in the other. With these characteristics comfortable garments are obtained, but with structure. This confers a soft touch to the contact between the user's body and the blanket.

  1. They are Economical

This type of blankets tends to be cheaper than traditional fabric blankets. And the best thing is that they have properties in addition to the price that gives them an advantage over similar products.

AdArt Imports Produces the Best Polar Fleece Blankets on the Market!

If you are ready to use this emotional, beautiful and excellent quality product in your next marketing strategy, or you are just going to commercialize it, you are in the right place. Our company can develop this product for you, fulfilling your requirements, needs, preferences, and quantities. We are simply the best. Request a quote; we will be happy to assist you.

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