Wireless Load Cells

Wireless Load Cells

The ability to use wireless technology is the standard of today’s world. Companies opted out of landlines more than a decade ago in favor of remote and wireless solutions. Wireless load cells are not an exception because people realize the massive benefits if ditching traditional tools for the wireless options.

Wireless load cells span large areas in different industries. Fixtures with tight constructions are the main benefactors of wireless technologies. The good news is that these products are available from the largest load cell producer in the country, Massload.

What to know about our wireless cells


Large scale systems often need a method of collecting data while maintaining maneuverability around different areas of the system. A wireless load cell amplifier allows the network to access real data without loss of time. The load cells improve efficiency while maintaining a routine survey program.


Wireless load shackles have a technology that allows the operator to read the data transmission on a remote display screen, such as a mobile phone or tablet. These devices can also process the data to streamline procedures while that make the processes easier. Wireless load cells make it easy for one to load cells with a wireless receiver.


The most important detail for complex load cells is a measurement system. it is tedious to install transmission cables without entangling personnel and equipment for long distance readings. The wireless option reduces damage from the environment because of minimal signal interferences.

Wireless transmissions eliminate the necessity for expensive equipment for the connection. We consolidate the process with a single user interface to control the entire complexity of wireless load cells. We offer access to specific locations so you can save time, money and resources putting up a comprehensive measuring system.


It does not make any sense to risk chemical toxicity to lay down a wired load cell. The wireless system is perfect for dangerous environments that add a degree of risk management.

Applications of our wireless load cells


Wireless telemetry allows operators to collect accurate details of large distribution environments. The signals are transmittable through pipes, ducts, walls and other physical barriers. Our wireless systems give access to specific locations and nodes so you install and maintain the system over large regions of land.

Dynamic system

The wireless system is excellent for distant and mobile systems, such as rotors, turbines, engines and pumps. They are excellent at monitoring the complex challenge without losing the connection.

Dangerous environment

Many applications risk loss of data to the harsh environment, such as high levels of radiation or presence of explosive devices. You can reduce the amount of time and effort needed to inspect the environment when you use wireless load cells. The most dangerous applications include the following:

  • Oil refineries
  • Mining
  • Offshore oil-rigs
  • Furnace

The world is steadily shifting to wireless load sensor applications. Operators enjoy increased mobility with better efficiency and speed. The wireless load improves safety so you can have better installs and maintenance. Flexible load cells from Massload are more economical than most alternatives, when you call to make an order.


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